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Comment Policy

So I’ve had like half a dozen comments at this point, at most, and I’ve already got a big enough head to put up a comment policy. Hooyah, inflated sense of self-importance!

Ok, Rule #1: This is a safe space for women. I will not approve any comment that is anti-woman or that frames feminism’s relevance as a debatable point.
Rule #1a: I am not a moron, and I know the difference between an anti-woman insult and a “question”. Do not say you were “only asking a question” when you are not, in fact, just asking a question.

Rule #2: I will not argue with women about feminism or feminist topics. It took me a bit to notice, but isn’t that, like, the absolute height of priviledge, that some entitled white man can come around and start arguing with women about what feminism is or what is or is not feminist? Refer to fig. 3-7.
Rule #2a: I will argue with dudes, but only if the comment in question does not violate Rule #1. As soon as any part of an argument begins to violate Rule #1, the whole thing’s done. As soon as I think I’m talking to a brick wall, it’s done. As soon as I start to dread opening my comments page because I really don’t want to deal with it anymore, it’s done.

Rule #3: It is very unlikely that I will refuse to approve a comment by a woman. The only circumstance under which I would do so is if the comment violates Rule #1. I accept and welcome criticism on my words, thoughts, delivery, etc.

And yeah, that’s all I can think of right now. I’ll add more as problems crop up (and they inevitably will!).

-a birch tree

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