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About Tree of Finches

Ok, so I’m not really a tree. Sorry to have kept you going for a bit there. I’m actually a radical pro-feminist, radical environmentalist pagan-ish male with lots of little voices in my head that constantly chirp about really heavy subjects.

As a male, I have been indoctrinated, beginning before I was even born, into Patriarchy. That is to say, sexism, misogyny, priviledge, entitlement, and willful ignorance is as much a part of my social makeup as speaking English. Just because I make an attempt to “get it” does not in any way make me enlightened or “decent” or anything else positive. If I’m a couple inches above the bar of “average d00d”, I don’t need a cookie for that.

My writings are a journal of what’s going on with me as I observe the world and myself while attempting to keep my eyes open to oppression at all times.

-a birch tree

[favorite songs of the moment: Nightwish – Higher Than Hope, Joe Satriani – Lifestyle, Marty Friedman – Paradise Express, Devil Take Tomorrow]

2 Responses to “About Tree of Finches”

  1. Lara said

    Hey, can I add you to my blogroll? Here is my new blog:


  2. Sure! And thanks for asking!

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