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Men Get Different Rules

Posted by A birch tree on May 25, 2008

Do y’all remember, back when you were kids, playing pretend? My friends and I used to pretend we were cops, outlaws, cowboys, superheroes, villians, wizards, dragons, whatever, and we’d use our made-up superpowers to engage in little pretend combat with one another, then when everyone had died about fifty times, we’d get up and go inside for dinner. More recently, I’ve sat and watched my stepchildren play the same kinds of games. It’s cute. It’s imaginative. It’s creative.

But invariably, your little group would always pick up that one kid. That Kid. The kid who would start making rules, usually on the fly, and for some reason it always seemed like the rules would all be in That Kid’s favor. “That’s not fair! You can’t kill me because I have a super-duper god shield on!” or “You can only come back to life if someone uses magic to bring you back!” then “No fair! Only one person can have that magic, and I have it! It’s the rules!” or “You can’t hit me, because I can fly at the speed of sound!” or “No fair! Lightsabers can’t block my death ray! You’re dead!” until the entire thing devolved into a huge argument and everyone went home pissed off.

The point? That Kid grows up. And he becomes your senator, congressman, president, circuit judge, what-have-you, and he keeps making up absurd rules while screaming “No fair!”. He usually pulls them out of his ass, he never writes them down, they change on the fly, and they benefit him and only him.

Not only does the entire male governmental structure seem to be made out of Those Kids, but apparently they infest our media as well. Barak Obama is definitely one of Those Kids. He can say that Clinton’s menstrual cycle influences her choice of add campaigns to run, he can call her dismissive, overly familiar pet names like “sweetie”, and, well, so what? But she says something he doesn’t like, even when it has nothing to do with him, and it’s all “NO FAIR!”, and MSNBC/Fox News/CNN, all made up of Those Kids too, support their brother-in-arms by picking up his whine.

“People turn to god and guns out of bitterness over the political system”? That’s just my death ray, you can’t block it. You should stay in the race just in case something horrible happens to me, so your name is still relevant and out there and democrats don’t loose all the eggs that they’ve decided to stupidly stuff into this one, unelectable basket? NO FAIR! You can’t say that! You’re supposed to be dead now, get out of my yard!

Men get different rules. Barak can say whatever the hell he wants, and it’s cool. If she complains about it, “NO FAIR! You can’t complain about that! It’s in the rules!”. But if she says anything other than “Yes, I will bow before your mighty penis and leave the race to the menzfolk even though my numbers versus McCain are increasing while yours drop precipitously, and you’re only so far ahead in the primary because you decided arbitrarily to not count two whole states worth of voters”, all we hear is “NO FAIR!”

Oh, and don’t forget, Barak can unload a barrage of sexism onto Clinton, but he’s not sexist. However, the rules say that since she’s running for office against a black man, even if she doesn’t say anything about it, she’s a racist. It’s in the rules! It’s fair!

I guess, at this point, it’s appropriate to post a little clip. It’s a great example of how Clinton has slog through rules that Barak doesn’t have to worry about. And whenever Clinton or a supporter gripes, all we hear is “NO FAIR!” from all of Those Kids in the media, the Barak campaign, and the legion of Obamabots that troll the waters of the internet looking for something to scream “NO FAIR!” about.

(Hat tip to Angry for a Reason for the video.)


3 Responses to “Men Get Different Rules”

  1. Paulette said

    I read this post in shock. I have to wonder are you really female of are you a male pulling a prank? You are making women sound feeble and weak and like we are victims being sold at markets. This is 2008, we may still get paid 70% of what a man does for the same job but that doesn’t make us weaker it shows that white men are still in the dark ages!

    Since when have the black man become the enemy in the fight for female equality? Black men and women has always been our allies because they have always been discriminated against as well. What is going on here?! Are you new to this movement? Have you really observed Hillary’s race for the nomination of the democratic party? If the white men in media have not been fair to her how is that Barack Obama’s fault? Why are you angry at him? Why aren’t you putting the blame in the hands and laps of those with the power??? Furthermore, Hillary is running as a woman and only started pandering to women when she realized that she had isolated just about every other demographic. She saw the unsolicited adoration from women and seized it as her strategy in hopes of winning because she realized that much of us had rose colored glasses on and we were willing to be used by her. So she is using us just like a man uses the woman he once ignored just because the one he wants won’t have him. So we become victims by choice; we allow ourselves to be used and then we cry about it. Straighten your back!

    Hillary Clinton presents herself to the electorate as a woman. She argues that she wants to break the glass ceiling for women. But the truth is she never gives a speech on gender because white angry men would not be pleased by this. So patriarchy, or sexual discrimination, or the structural hierarchy of masculinity is never mentioned in her campaign. She never once mentions the unacceptable misogyny (hatred of women) of this country, or the sexual hierarchy of the labor force, or any of the great racial and class inequities that define women’s lives today. This is a misuse and abuse of her gender.

    Large numbers of women, especially women of color, but many white women as well, know that race and gender are inseparable because black women and white women face discrimination and that is why most of these progressive women, whatever their color, are voting for Barack Obama. Hillary should not be allowed to push feminism backwards for her own political ambition.

    Hillary has never spoken on behalf of women or as a candidate with a woman’s agenda, let alone as a feminist when she was in the White House. Her one speech addressing the exploitation of women was delivered in Beijing, China, as though it is ONLY women outside, but not inside the U.S. who face untold discrimination.

    Now she runs for president and has become a gun-toting, war mongering woman who asks for your vote if you are an angry white Reagan Democrat. Maybe she thinks manly gender is the answer for breaking glass ceilings for women???

    I would argue that she is not breaking gender boundaries but rather has embraced and extended misogyny for females. She remains female in body and hence parades as a decoy for feminist claims.

    Hillary is having success with white male support because she is willing to battle, and engage in rough play like one of the boys. She is supposedly willing to “join the brawl” and as such has won their confidence. She has “broke through the glass floor and got down with the boys”. Hillary has smashed the myth of innate female moral superiority in the worst possible way — demonstrating female moral inferiority.Hillary has proven that sometimes the best man for the job may be a female posing to be a man.

    In other words, Hillary has simply clothed herself in men’s tactics and strategies. She can nuke with the best of them. Hillary not only authorized the war in Iraq but she repeatedly continued to do so for several more years — up until the time she began running for president. She allowed, along with Bill Clinton, the egregious trade blockade against Iraq as hundreds of thousands of children starved to death after the 1991 war.

    Hillary’s embrace of a masculinist machismo embraces the very misogyny that most feminists want to dismantle. Instead of challenging the gender divide Hillary simply slides over to the other side of it. Instead of offering a new vision of what it might mean to have a female president she offers us old versions of white male privilege and war mongering.

    Hillary Clinton should never be demeaned for being a woman. But being a woman comes in all colors and classes. Hillary has done the unforgivable. She has used race — the whiteness card — on behalf of gender. We, the big `we’ — the huge diversely defined feminisms in this country and across the globe are better than this. Black feminists in this country, during the 1970s and 1980s women’s movement made sure to break open the race/gender divide and clarify that gender is always racialized and race is always gendered. No person ever experiences one without the other.

    Hillary’s manipulation and misrepresentation of her gender reveals her sexual decoy status. Being female is not enough to allow one to claim their gender as a political tactic. Such claims must be rooted in a commitment to end gender discrimination and their racial and class formulations; not pit races and classes against each other in the hopes of being the first woman president.

    Clinton does not share a political identity with women of all classes and colors and nations simply because she has a female body! She first needs to claim that body and demand rights for it — reproductive, day care, health, education, etc. She has no multi-racial woman’s agenda because she has no anti-racist agenda.

    She is thrilled that she won big in West Virginia. West Virginia is “almost heaven” to Hillary. She says it shows the country that she can win the “hardworking white Americans” in November. But West Virginia is not heaven, nor is it like much of the rest of the country. It may look like what the U.S. used to be, but that is exactly the point. It does not have the diversity of color, age, culture that defines the U.S. today. Neither does Hillary’s vision. Hillary is a decoy — she looks like a woman but is not a feminist nor does she speak for or on behalf of most women.

  2. I won’t argue with your comment, as you bring up some valid points, but I would like to add a point of information: As it says on the “About” page, I am a male, although not one attempting to “play a prank”.

  3. Paulette said

    LMAO!!! Still laughing. I didn’t read your “About” page. Now I will.
    You might find some posts that are of interest to you at
    Still LMAO!!! Cheers! Paulette

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