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Why Lie?

Posted by A birch tree on April 17, 2008

…the patriarchy wants us to believe it’s because women are cunningly evil and yet dumb as posts.*

Evil, first, because only a truly evil person would try to frame some wonderful, upstanding, flawless example of a perfect citizen of our society for a heinous crime. Stupid, second, because it doesn’t seem to actually do anything positive from a woman’s perspective, and in fact, does a lot of negative things. Let’s examine:

Patriarchy expects us to believe:

  1. In spite of the fact that “women lie” and “it was her own damn fault” are the most common themes expressed in the opening remarks of nearly everyone, male and female, who hears about a rape, somehow men are convicted just by the accusation alone.
  2. In spite of the fact that every single action and thought that is even remotely sexual that this woman has ever had will be revealed, dissected, and examined by a lawyer more ruthless than the most cold-hearted and sadistic dentist in front of the entire nation, it’s men’s lives that are ruined forever before they even get a verdict.
  3. In spite of the fact that accused rapists never have to take the stand and present their side of the story, or in any way defend their actions, and who never have to worry about any past accusations or even convictions coming back to haunt them during a trial, rape shield laws make the process unfair against them.
  4. In spite of the fact that one 6% of rapists ever see a day in jail, rape accusations are an effective revenge tool for jilted or otherwise angered women.
  5. In spite of the fact that men are making lots of money from having been accused of brutal rapes, a man will forever be a community pariah even if accquitted, and will forever be socially and professionally crippled by the whole boondoggle.

Someone tell me how reality and popular conception can differ so radically from one another to the point that they’re actually diametric opposites?

And I have to leave it at that, since I only get 30 minutes of computer time at the library until my internet is back up. This is a bit frustrating.

Until tomorrow!

-a birch tree

*[I point, once again, to psychological projection.]


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