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On a Pervaisve Myth

Posted by A birch tree on April 16, 2008

Apparently, I’m supposed to believe that the vast majority of rape cases are actually not rape cases, but regretful women trying to salvage their reputation, or spiteful women trying to get back at a man who wronged them by the slightest measure, or hedonistic pleasure-seeking sluts who get so drunk they don’t remember what happened but know they secretly hate men so much (in spite of being sluts) that they’ll just assume they were raped. Oh, or confused or emotionally damaged women who send mixed signals and seem to want it but flummox the poor dudely later when she says he raped her.

This seems to be the going idea in this country today. The fact that 94% of rape cases end without a conviction is supposed to be evidence that 94% of women are liars.

I’m confused, though. How can we say the above, and really believe that as a society, while still claiming we don’t hate women? How can we accuse an entire gender of being so inherently untrustworthy and still claim not to be misogynist?

When a man reports a crime, he’s believed. Nobody tells a carjacking victim that he probably just loaned his car to his buddy and regretted it the next morning. Nobody instantly assumes that a robbery victim is just trying to frame a guy who scuffed his Pumas. And certainly nobody who was injured by a drunk driver is accused of being at equal or greater fault because he was also drunk at the time! 

But that’s men, and men are held to different standards. We belive men. We empathize with men. We love men. Women are our shadow selves, our opposites, the repository for our psychological projection of every dark, nasty, undesireable truth about ourselves. Men lie all the time, espcially about women, in all contexts, but we say women are horrible, fickle liars and we’re poorly equipped to handle it, poor us. We say that women are emotional, and prone to extreme reactions about petty things, even though AFAIK no woman has ever stomped anyone to death in an argument over a video game. Men claim that women are illogical and incapable of rational thought while simultaneously putting Male Logic(tm) on a pedestal. If you’re not familiar with Male Logic(tm), it’s the kind of thinking that says men are evolutionarily hard-wired to lust after big breasts because of some ancient child-bearing advantage that big breasts actually embody the opposite of (since they can be more difficult for infants to latch onto), that dumping trillions upon trillions of tons of heat-trapping gas into the atmosphere over two hundred years can’t possibly have any negative effect on the planet or its temperatures whatsoever, and that women will lie about a crime to frame men even though men get away scott free 9 out of 10 times and only after their lawyers completely ruin the lives of said women.

In a world where men still rape women, women are not free or equal. Period. This is the year 2008, and we as humans, simply by virtue of having ten-thousand-odd years of moral development between our ears, should be some nine-thousand, nine-hundred, and ninety-two years past this shit, at worst.

Men rape women. Lots of men are raping lots of women every single day. What are the statistics now? Something like one out of three American women and one out of four British women will be raped in their lifetime? With women of color suffering disproportionately more? And yet Male Logic(tm) spins itself into a tizzy as men try to convince themselves, and their victims, that rape is rare, not so bad, or entirely nonexistent, while, at the same time, encouraging a whole host of behaviors meant to enable them to get into the pants of unwilling women and calling them “shady” or “being a player” but not “rape”.

I’ll definitely have more on this subject tomorrow, but due to circumstances beyond my control I’m limited for computer time for a few days. Sorry I couldn’t post something a bit less “duh” and a bit more hard-hitting, but between my ankle and some other frustrating factors I had to put out what I had before I was actually ready.  I’ll see if I can’t fix that pretty quick and be back on my ball here by friday or so.


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