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Posted by A birch tree on April 15, 2008

Today’s informative and enlightening post has been replaced with, well, this one, where I whine out exucuses as to why posting today will be problematic.

I have apparently overdrawn my karma balance today, and the universe decided to even it up for me. I’ve got the sprained ankle from hell. The doc says it’s a “mild sprain”, in spite of the fact that within fifteen minutes it had swelled up to about twice its normal size and the whole foot was bright red, moving into purple.

Hooyah, Navy doctors!

You’re guessing I’m going to say that I’m on such great pain medicine that I can’t post straight, but the truth is, I’m just on such distracting pain that I can’t post straight. Motrin is my med, and Motrin does jack-all for me even on the best of days.

Depending on how my night goes, I may or may not have a post up, but the one I was planning to do was on a fresh subject, requiring fresh research, so it’d take a bit more focus than I can imagine acquiring tonight.


-a birch tree


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