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Some Chirpings from Around the Blogosphere

Posted by A birch tree on April 6, 2008

I had planned another pro-feminist post for today. In fact, my plan when I started this blog was to make sure I hit both topics on the weekends, since I’ve got plenty of time and the finches don’t ever stop chirping.

But it’s 21:40, I’ve got a letter to write and a phone call to make and three un-finished post ideas still being tweeted about in the upper branches, but nobody’s got anything concrete for me to take dictation on yet.

So I’ll fall back to a tried-and-true practice among bloggers in a time crunch who are waiting on ideas to ferment: linking to other great bloggers whose ideas have already fermented.

I might still be able to pull off one of these posts tonight, but it may just have to wait until tomorrow. We’ll have to see. In the meantime, a couple articles I’ve been reading:

First, via Feministing, lawmakers in a red state (and I don’t care what anyone says, Florida is a red state) are finally starting to figure out, via some really gruesome and idiotic myths about sex and pregnancy that have been overheard in the schoolyards, that it might be necessary to give kids, god forbid, actual information in sex-ed classes. I can’t believe it took them this long to figure out that kids are going to have sex even if you teach them nothing but abstinence; they’re just going to do it after drinking a shot of bleach instead of using a condom.

I’d also like to point out that abstinence offers no protection from rape, nor does it offer any protection from marriage. So let’s cut the bullshit and start handing out The Pill in homeroom. And let’s get a Pill for guys to choke down too. If women can be expected to put up with serious cardiac side effects to help prevent unwanted reproduction, surely guys can deal with a headache or two for the greater good.

Next, from Abyss2Hope comes a great perspective on the backlash against a simple, expressive t-shirt that simply says “I was raped”. Ain’t no way anyone would be so upset over a t-shirt that says “I was carjacked” or “I was mugged” or “I was hit by a drunk driver”, but apparently “I was raped” is such a vastly controversial statement that it’s actually offensive to some non-victims! Of course, I imagine the real problem is that if every woman who was raped bought and wore these shirts, Hanes might get put out of business and the American public would be forced to see that this crime is far, far more common than they’d like to believe.

Not to mention it’d completely undermine this society’s efforts to keep rape victims isolated so they think there’s something personally wrong with them. Seeing a large number of other survivors identifiably walking around might give them a bit of confidence back when they realize THEY aren’t the problem; RAPISTS are.

I’d add more of my own comments, but Marcella Chester says everything I would have said, and far better than I would have said it!

Finally, on the incredible blog I Blame the Patriarchy, we hear the story of a teenaged girl having a miscarriage on an airplane and being arrested for it! Although the charges were, politely enough, dropped, the fact that a 14-year-old girl was treated like a murderer, being interrogated by the cops and so forth, rather than a child in need of immediate medical attention, is apalling.

And with that, I’m pretty much all out of steam for tonight. Goodnight!


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