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So, what’s this all about?

Posted by A birch tree on April 4, 2008

I’ve got a lot of ideas, see. And I like talking about those ideas. I don’t like talking about these ideas among my RL friends and colleagues because, well, let’s be frank, I’m in an environment that attracts people who are entirely hostile to my ideas.

So what are these ideas? Mostly, they’re about gender dynamics and inequality in modern society, oppression of women, minorities, and nature, global climate change, the environment in general, feminism in general, and a whole host of other heavy topics. I just decided to start a blog and write about them, so I didn’t explode trying to keep from arguing with bullheaded morons in person.

I’d much rather argue with bullheaded morons on-line. Wouldn’t you? Hell, maybe that’s why you’re here!

So, as I’m not much for introductions, I’ll go ahead and get right to the posting.


One Response to “So, what’s this all about?”

  1. stormy said

    Hi Birchtree, I am not sure if I can live up to your ‘bullheaded morons’ invitation, but I am willing to try!

    You are making it very difficult though, thus far I have only read things that I like, so am finding it difficult to disagree.

    Welcome 😛

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